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Viscri–Deutsch Weisskirch – Szaszfeheregyhaza

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VISCRI – The first document mentioning Viscri is a record of church taxes dated around the year 1400, in which the village is referred to as being part of the Rupea parish. Its inhabitants consisted of 51 farmers, one school master, three shepherds and two paupers. In 1939 the village had 699 inhabitants of Saxon origin.

The village lies northwest of Rupea and can be reached through Dacia on a 7 km unpaved road. The origins of the fortified church date from 1100 when the Szeklers built a small church with a single hall and semicircular apse. To this day, the church is surrounded by a cemetery with gravestones dating back to the Bjielo-Brdo culture.

Around 1185 the church was taken over by Saxon colonists, and the Szecklers were forced to settle in southeast Transylvania (although in 1848, eleven Saxons, one Romanian and one Gipsy were attacked and murdered in Viscri by Hungarian rebels).

In the 14th century the east part of the church was rebuilt. The first fortifications with towers were added around 1525. In the 18th century the church was surrounded by a second defense wall. After 1743 a covered corridor for the storage of corn was built.  A century later, two chambers in the defense corridor of the bastion were turned into school rooms. The classic 19th century altar has as centerpiece "the Blessing of the Children" by the painter J. Paukratz from Rupea. The font was made from a capital of the 13th century church.

The Trust's work 2007 - 2008

Houses, courtyards, stables walls, roofs and fences repaired , painted or restored during the year are house numbers: 21, 22, 26 36, 17, 38, 43, 44, 45, 47 57, 58, 59, 62, 63, 67, 76, 83, 117, 126, 129, 149 , 152, 153, and 199. One central water trough has also been rebuilt in wood as well as a monument for the Orthodox church. In the Lutheran Saxon church a small house for the organ has been rebuilt as well as a new gate and fence.

The Trust's work - 2006

In Viscri village 28 projects were completed as well as one in nearby Saschis, one in Cloasterf, ten in Crit, two in Mesendorf and six in Bunesti. 

The Trust's work - 2005

In Viscri and the surrounding other 5 villages (now including Saschis), 45 projects were completed under the inspired leadership of the Trust's Romanian director, Caroline Fernolend. 

The Trust's work -  2004

The MET has completed 9 building projects in Viscri this season.

We have also helped on:

the  priest's house, the kindergarten (a World Bank project which we set in motion with Caroline Fernolend three years ago),

the Lutheran church  and repair of the fire engine house.

Dozens of  pear trees - grafted by Herr Dootsz - have been planted along the village stream by the MET workers.

 The Trust's work - 2003

We have restored houses

 No 44,  No 30,  No 139,

No 31. In No 65 a ruined eyesore with boulders cascading into the street has been cleared and tidied.

The barn in our Landmark house has had the massive beam work entirely reconstructed under the guidance of our trainer and its huge roof - the largest in the village - retiled. In the main house the final touches of interior  decoration have been completed. Kitchen and outbuildings in the courtyard are completed as well as sewage problems resolved.

The Trust's work - 2002

  • 4 typical vernacular house façades and roofs restored (no.153 “Corcodel”, no. 136 “garage”, “little house”, no. 59).
  • Emergency repairs to old part of no. 163 (oldest house in the village). We had repaired the newer part last year. A section of the old part of the house collapsed, and has been rebuilt using the original materials, and local labour, from ground level upwards. This has offered good opportunities for masonry training.
  • Wall repairs at no.145 “ugly job” and no. 83 “Kaiser Rosu”.
  • Workshop buildings prepared in courtyard of no. 18.
  • 2 façade repairs completed in Bunesti, commune library and commune museum, at Mayor’s request.
  • Helped to arrange several visits to the Viscri villages by cultural tours, which stayed in Viscri; and one visit by a painting tour, 12 people who stayed a week in Viscri, and painted Viscri itself and the surrounding villages.
  • 4 guesthouses in regular use, 3 others used occasionally and will be upgraded

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Viscri village

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Viscri Fortified Church

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