The Mihai Eminescu Trust (UK)

Supporting Transylvania's Cultural Heritage

After a prolonged mass exodus of Saxons from Transylvania, in 1993 the MET set about highlighting the precious heritage which was under threat and embarked on saving and restoring abandoned buildings, farms and fortified churches.

The objectives were simple:

  • To re-train local craftsmen with the necessary skills to repair and renovate the unique buildings;

  • To broaden the philosophy into what we call ‘The Whole Village Project', supporting the development of all aspects of village life and agriculture, while safeguarding the underlying principles of conservation;

  • To help the Villagers set up their own businesses and guesthouses.

During this time 1,600 restoration projects, some small, some large, were completed.

The Trust has now stepped back and handed over full responsibility to our Romanian colleagues.

MET UK remains a special partner and supporter of the MET in Romania, which carries on under the Directorship of Caroline Fernolend.


MET Romania

Staying at an MET guesthouse

The Trust has a total of 36 guesthouses in 12 villages

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